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Thinking like an improviser to kickstart your organisation.

Be Present and Listen

As humans, we get preoccupied with what has happened (the past) and what we want (the future). We somehow forget to enjoy and embrace the present. Instead of listening and really hearing the thoughts, feelings and opinions of the person speaking, we are thinking about what we will say and about how we can seem smart, funny, likable, accomplished, etc. When we listen deeply we make stronger connections and build trust. These qualities allow us to create amazing things together.

Start Anywhere and Embrace Uncertainty

We are often held back by procrastination. There are many reasons we procrastinate and, at their heart, we find blank page syndrome. Improv asks us to embrace that feeling of uncertainty and jump into the action. You don't have to know the opening line of your best-selling novel, just start anywhere and fill in the blanks.

Make Offers, Be Bold and Fail Proudly

To start anything in life, we need to be bold and make an offer. Invite a friend to a movie, ask the guy on a date, apply for the job, start the scene on stage, etc. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes not so well - that's when we learn to get back up with humility and grace. Then we try again, and again.

Yes And, Be Committed and Express Gratitude

When we're given an offer - we should think of it as a gift. To show our gratitude for the gift (because, who doesn't like gifts?!), we accept the offer and embrace the changes in reality it implies. Having received a gift, we should be inclined to give one in return and that's when we really start to build things together.

Empower Others, Be Kind and Cultivate Generosity

Improv teaches us to make each other look good. When only one person shines in improv, the rest often look bad and the audience usually doesn't enjoy the show. When we are centered around kindness, we look for opportunities to empower our colleagues to be their best selves and we inspire others to do the same.